lake rotoiti camp 2016

Last week we went on school camp to lake rotoiti. We had to be at the ferry terminal at 7:30 AM and leave at 9 AM. The ferry crossing was really smooth the whole way but still really cold! Once we got off the 3 hour long ferry crossing we had to get on a 5 hour bus ride to the lodge where we had an introduction to camp and then got straight into group initiatives! on the second day my group went on the flying kiwi, It is a flying fox type thing that lifts you up about 5 meters in the air on a pulley system which was really fun. On the thursday we went on a ay walk to the whisky falls which took us five hours! Some of the group also jumped in the lake when we walked back to the lodge. On friday we played animal survivor all around the lodge, there were a lot of injuries in that game and then we had to clean the whole lodge which sucked… I also got window cleaner in my eye… Fun. The bus ride on the way to the ferry when we left camp the bus driver put on some 80’s music and we were all clapping to it! once we got on the ferry and out of the sounds it was way rougher than the way over and a lot of people vomitted. Here is a video of the day walk!

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